Ruby with Cucumber Certification Training

Become a Ruby with Cucumber Expert by mastering Ruby and Cucumber Testing Tool.

After the completion of Ruby with Cucumber course at Edureka, you will be able to:

1. Understand BDD functionality
2. Explore Ruby with Cucumber
3. Apply various Testing techniques in Cucumber
4. Perform System Testing
5. Generate reports using Cucumber
6. Apply Cucumber to Test Web Applications
7. Implement BDD test using Ruby
8. Work on a real time Poject, implementing Cucumber testing

  • Introduction to Ruby
  • Ruby Basics
  • Ruby Advanced Topics
  • Object oriented Ruby
  • Introduction to BDD and Cucumber
  • BDD Creating and Execution Test
  • Testing a Web application using Ruby, Cucumber and Capybara
  • Error Handling, Seeking Help and Open Forum

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