The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

Learn to make innovative web apps with Ruby on Rails and unleash your creativity

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to rapidly prototype ideas and turn them into presentable apps
  • Become a professional web application developer
  • Become a professional Ruby on Rails developer
  • Design and build virtually any web app you can imagine
  • Apply for jobs at software companies as Ruby on Rails developer
29 hours on-demand video

– 250+ lectures and 36+ hours of video content

– Ruby programming from scratch; writing your first program to say “Hello World” to Object Oriented Programming while building multiple mini-projects along the way

– Rails 4 & 5 using both cloud-based Integrated Development Environment and local development environments

– Local installation and development options made available for both Macs and Windows machines (that’s right, Windows as well!)

– Git for version control, Github as code repository, Heroku for production deployment

– Working with Amazon Web Services S3 bucket for storage, Sendgrid for production email functionality, Multi-Tenancy using Milia

– Custom credit card form creation and working with Stripe API to implement payment processing functionality

– Rails MVC structure in-depth – Models, Views, Controllers

– FREE live support

– Design and conceptualization using wire-framing tools

– Building authentication systems from scratch at first using the default Rails stack, including admin feature, log in/logout and signup. Then learning how to use Devise and extend the basic functionality provided by Devise to customize it and speed up authentication systems

– Ajax, Jquery, plain Javascript – all 3 used in different parts of the course!

– Bootstrap and MaterializeCSS (using material design concepts) for UI styling

– Build fully automated test suites by writing UnitFunctional and Integration tests

– Learning database migrations: One-to-many, many-to-many association implementation with Rails using ActiveRecord

– much, much more!

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