Intro to Ruby

Master the fundamentals of object-oriented programming in Ruby to build your own version of a classic game.

Start thinking – and building – like a software engineer

Students take on the same introductory Ruby curriculum we’ve honed in our immersive programs and come away from the course with the beginnings of an impressive code portfolio to demonstrate their proficiency.

You’ll learn

Ruby was designed to make programmers happy. It’s expressive, accessible, and reads like English, allowing new programmers to start building right away.

Topics covered: Debugging, Variables and Arrays, Methods, Command Line Applications, Logic and Conditionals, Loops and Iteration, Object Orientation

You’ll build


Students build a fully executable, object-oriented program: a two-player game of Tic-Tac-Toe, written in flexible, well-structured code that’s easy to debug and maintain.

Built with: Ruby, jQuery

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