Intro to JavaScript

Master the fundamentals of modern web development with Flatiron School’s free JavaScript course. This course assumes no prior programming experience, starting you off with Javascript for beginners as you work through Javascript tutorials and exercises that reinforce your learning.

Start thinking like a software engineer

Students take on the same introductory Javascript curriculum we’ve honed in our immersive, career-changing programs and come away from the course with the beginnings of an impressive code portfolio to demonstrate their proficiency.

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript changed the web from static pages into the interactive experience it is today – and, as one of the most popular programming languages, it’s still bringing websites to life in new ways.

Topics covered
Introduction to JavaScript, Javascript Comments, Javascript Data Types, Javascript Logging, and how to use real developer tools like Github

Javascript Functions and Scope

Learn the importance of Javascript functions and why Scope is the key to understanding how your variables and functions interact with each other in your code.

Topics coveredIntro to Functions, Variables, and Scope

Javascript Data Structures and Loops

An introduction to Javascript Data Structures, like Arrays and Objects, and how different types of Loops help you execute the same block of code a specified number of times.

Topics coveredArrays, Objects, and Loops

The DOM and jQuery

Where we dive into the DOM, Document Object Model, of a web page, and begin using jQuery, a lightweight JavaScript library.

Topics coveredIntro to The DOM, Creating and Listening to Nodes, Modifying HTML with jQuery, jQuery Selectors and Event Listeners


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